The world's first hybrid hydrogen pyrolysis system .

We integrate thermal solution technologies to create "white" hydrogen from plastic waste

Innovators of the HydroPlas™ plastic to hydrogen reactor - Together, we can turn the tide on plastic

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The global problem.

The global plastic waste problem is now equivalent in weight to nearly 25,000 Empire State Buildings and the United States emitted 5.1 billion metric tons of energy-related carbon dioxide!

Low emissions

The majority of our plant's emissions are made up of non harmful, water vapor

Integrated Technologies

Our patented pyrolysis systems integrates technologies that previously didn't exist in this market.


Eleminating waste on a global level is no small task, however we are up for the challenge.

Yesterday’s waste is tomorrow's energy.

Global demand for hydrogen has risen 3 fold since 1975 equal to 14.4 exajoules (EJ) however social and political pressure is expected to see this  more than 5 fold by 2050 equivalent to 78 EJ with 30% of this being taken by the transport industry.

About Banca

The potential of pyrolosis.

We're disrupters and innovators in the space of Hydrodgen and conversion. We've got a long road of growth ahead of us and we're just getting started! 

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Together, we can turn the tide on plastic.


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