The global problem.

Fusion One is the first integrated technology thermal solution to create  green hydrogen from plastic waste

The Need for Power

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is quoted as saying that “ELECTRIC CARS WILL DOUBLE  GLOBAL ELECTRICITY DEMAND” which he predicts will  take 20 years to achieve  at a growth rateof 5% a year. Some of this could be provided by renewables however Canada alone would need to grow it’s renewable supply  12 fold to achieve this and these numbers don’t take into  account further domestic and industrial demands. Nuclear  energy takes upto 20 years to come online and is deeply  controversial, finally older polluting fossil fuel based power  stations are a thing of the past.

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Hydrogen Economy 2.0

“Headline”Bloomberg calls it the “Hottest Thing in Green Energy”,  the European Union is spending $500Billion on it and Toyota just brought out their longest range fuel cell vehicle to date,it’s safe to say that hydrogen is becoming big business.
“Main Text”Hydrogen is the most abundant resource in the universe and has  a very high energy density, nearly 3 times that of gasoline. It’s an  ideal fuel which, when used in a fuel cell, emits nothing but water  vapor and energy, making it one of the cleanest sources of  power available to us.

Hydrogens limiting factor has been the cost of production either  via electricity intensive but clean electrolysis or dirty methods such  as steam methane reforming of natural gas which stands as the  current primary source of hydrogen globally (
FusionOne™ will be using a proprietary where hydrogen will be  separated from the SynGas produced in its pyrolysis system and  from the excess heat produced from the secondary heating  system. This results in clean, gas separated, and electrolysis produced hydrogen at a very low cost of production due to the gate  fees received for the feed stock driving FusionOne™’s system.

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