Scaling rapidly to tackle the waste problems of the world

FusionOne™ is expanding all over North America with Detroit, Michigan, being our launch City.

Michigan Facility.

The Michigan, USA, Project is FusionOne™’ technical demonstrator  at a pre commercialisation stage. Here, we will pull together  all our individually proven technologies and combine them into a full operational system. Our selected site has fully established conditional use as a recycling site including various waste handling permits. We will  process multiple waste streams, optimist the integration  of the hydrogen production facility and prove the full  system in anticipation of a full size commercial operation at the same site.

Fusion One™’s initial site derisk’s two years  of site sourcing, infrastructure build and operations permitting usually required by leveraging a facility historically used for multi-stream waste handling.

The site has a truck and rail docks plus a rail freight terminal for fast and efficient logistics of feedstock and off take commodities . Connecting the local area with a hydrogen infrastructure  opens the way for rail and truck HFCV’s as well as working with local  government to achieve green transports solutions.

Open positions.

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